KP1 – Navassa Island #300

k1nlogoNow that the Navassa expedition has been on for a few days I found a little time to chase them. Pileups are immense and it took a while to put them in the log for an ATNO. But what really bothers me is the bad pileup discipline. Even if the guys are calling particular stations everybody is still calling and calling and calling making it worse for everybody as it really slows things down! Equally bad are all the “cops” on the expedition frequency. They make much more QRM than the poor guy that forgot to switch on split or forgot to switch VFOs again. And not to forget the intentional QRMers! 🙁 And then we got all the cluster spots! The packet cluster used to be an aid to find rare DX and unusual stations in the past. Nowadays most spots are of the “Hey, see I’m a hero, I just worked them!” fashion and only attract more lids! More than once I wished the cluster system would simply be switched off. It’s a shame what can be heard in the pileups nowadays. This weekend is especially bad. I took some time to just monitor the spectacle and finally switched the radio off as I was really ashamed and disappointed. 🙁

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