ZL7 – Chatham Islands #301

Worked another ATNO today! 🙂 ZL7/F8FUA is currently on holiday there and took a K3 and a Buddipole with him. Already heard him yesterday on 20 m SSB but lots of QRM and weak signals. He was still weak today, i.e. 41 on average and peaking 52 a few times, and had a big pileup. Couldn’t get through so left for the kitchen to prepare lunch. When getting back I was astonished not hearing anything anymore when he suddenly starting CQing again without any pileup! Took my chance to put him in the log then although I had to repeat my call 2 times until he got it okay (500 W + 4 ele Yagi here, 100 W and the shortened dipole overthere). He was spotted about 30 seconds later on the cluster and hell broke loose again. Lucky me! 😉

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