More 4 & 2 m Sporadic-E :-)

Another great day on the VHF bands! 😎 MUF was high all morning already. Lots of 6 m activity and cluster spots from Russia hearing Europe. Won’t imagine what happens if Russia is ever allowed to transmit on 6 m … 😉 2 m opened again via Sporadic-E between SP8 and UA6 as well as YU and UA4 but clouds were to far away to be usable from here. Had strong OIRT signals on 4 m from UR and UA6. The band was open in parallel also to SV as well as EA6. Good to catch EA6SA on 4 m after having worked him on 2 & 6 m in the past. 😉 Was not sure where to point the 2 m antenna to. Would the clouds enabling the QSOs in Southeastern Europe move westwards and be reachable from JO73? Or would the MUF direction south rise any further? Decided to keep it straight south …

Luckily I did as a quarter past 11z the following happened: 😎

I quickly QSY’d a few kHz up and called CQ myself and was very lucky to be called by Chris, expeditioning as IK8/PA2CHR in South Italy making my day providing square #545 on 2 m with JM79! 😎 Great stuff after I had missed him in JM87 the days before.

It seemed the MUF would rise up to 2 m again during the afternoon. Indeed it did but once more not reachable from here. While monitoring 144.300 MHz for additional openings I had some more fun on 4 m, too …

09:45  EA6SA         JM19LO   59    59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1734
09:50  EA6FB         JMØ8PW   599   559    4 m.   CW    ES    1865
11:13  IK8XLD        JN7ØVO   59    59     2 m.   SSB   ES    1404
11:19  IT9BDM        JM77NE   59    59     2 m.   SSB   ES    1780
11:21  IK8/PA2CHR    JM79VQ # 59    59     2 m.   SSB   ES    1505
14:49  SW8YA         KN2ØHS   59    59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1587
15:14  SV1DH         KM18VA   59    51     4 m.   SSB   ES    1839
15:24  SV8CS         KMØ7JS   59    59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1787
15:32  SV1QT         KM17UW   59    58     4 m.   SSB   ES    1846
15:43  9H1FL         JM75GT   59    59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1932
15:59  9H1PI         JM75FW   59    59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1918
17:38  9H1ES         JM75FV   59    59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1922

Also heard were SV5BYR (too weak) and SV9GPV who took too long to recognize the band was open to DL and to QSY into our “sub-band”. A pity, both would have been new ones on 4 m, too. Also monitored Henri, OH3JR, who’s currently active as OJØJR from Market Reef via Meteor Scatter but reflections were not very favourable. Keeping fingers crossed I can catch him maybe tomorrow or on Friday. Chances are low that there will be additional 4 m activities from that small island in the middle of the northern Baltic Sea anytime soon …

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