Nice 10 m condx again but no luck on 6 m

Today saw much improved condx again although the forecast told otherwise. 😉 Ten was wide open, even into the U.S. West Coast late afternoon and well into the evening. The California QSO Party was going on so lots of stuff to work … made some 40 QSOs into CA just on 10 m in about an hour total operating time … great fun! Unfortunately I didn’t log them as a real contest including counties so no way to send a log in. Would I have known before then of course … 😉 Could also add a few more W1AW portable band/mode slots due to the nice conditions. Really keeping fingers crossed to have such propagation (still or again) during WWDX-SSB later this month as well as during WWDX-CW at the end of November!

Six had some very good TEP propagation, too. As is usually the case it only extends north to S5, 9A and sometimes south DL. For it to be usable up here we need the help of Sporadic E to get into it. Not sure if it was ES or maybe just a very long meteor reflection but I could hear V51YJ on CW for a bit over three minutes starting strong with real 599 out of a sudden and then slowly dropping down to an S2/3 signal for the remaining two minutes (yes, sounds like the characteristics of a long meteor burst). No luck catching him, too big a pileup, but as I had already worked Namibia before no problem. Unfortunately nothing from the ZS’s overhere, even during those 3 minutes.

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