Nice X-mas present: 4 m allowed in Germany again :-)

Bundesnetzagentur (the German equivalent to FCC in the USA and Ofcom in the UK) released it’s note 414/2018 today allowing the use of the 4 m band by radio amateurs in Germany again! 😎

Two facts make it even more enjoyable: While we “only” got temporary permits limited from mid-May to the end of August (i.e. for the Sporadic-E season) in past years it’s this time continously until 31.12.2019 = a full year. Kinda like they did for our 6 m permits which gives hope for a similar more permanent solution for 4 m. From an operational point of view even more important is that we now have access to the frequency range of 70.150 to 70.200 MHz, i.e. including the calling frequency of 70.200 MHz (we only had 70.150 to .180 before). THAT will make life much much easier. 😎

We have to give a big THANKS to Ulli, DK4VW, Head of DARC Frequency Management, for his continous efforts and negotiations with all involved stakeholders like the German Army to get the band for use by German radio amateurs – well done, Ulli! 🙂

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