Remote Control Microphone for the IC-7300 & Co.

Well, today FUNKAMATEUR magazine 1/2019 was in the post-box and as it also featured a preview for issue 2/2019 which will include a new article by me I can probably already reveal some information here, too. 😉

In one of my recent blog posts I teased a little with showing part of a new PCB I developed. Well, actually it’s not only a PCB but a complete kit to build a remote control microphone for recent Icom transceivers like the IC-7300 that I own myself. Icom implemented a way to recall the internal Voice/RTTY/CW memories for transmit by using an external combination of resistors and switch buttons wired into the microphone line. It helps not to waste precious screen real estate leaving space for more important information on the transceiver’s screen. So it’s almost a must-have for serious operators!

As you might have read on my BX-184 page I don’t like external boxes too much, it’s always additional hassle and potential for failure. So I thought about how to integrate that functionality into a microphone, too. How I finally did can be read in FUNKAMATEUR issue 2/2019 available on January 30, 2019. 😉

It is planned to also offer the “BX-187” as a kit through FUNKAMATEUR’s BOX73 shop. I will probably release some more details here, too, after the article was published and the kit is available … stay tuned.

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