No QSOs this week but one – ZS on 6 m

This week has been quite busy at work again so I was not in the mood to do any amateur radio in the evenings. I even ignored VK9DLX becoming active from Lord Howe which is a new one for me and should be easy to work, they are good guys there! But they will stay for 2 weeks so I can certainly work them next week when up at the station anyway for WAG and WWDX-SSB and preparations in-between. And pileups should be a lot smaller by then, too. 😉

There was just one evening I switched the radio on, Tuesday. That was after Sandro, DD3SP, a good friend about 80 km south, told me he had just worked ZS on 6 m through an ES + TEP link. With my usual luck of course nothing was heard overhere. Yes, those 80 km *do* make a difference, sometimes even on 10 m but especially so on 6 m. So I kept the frequency of ZS4TX/6 running in the background while doing other things around. About half an hour later he suddenly came up, peaking 559 for a few seconds (certainly MS reflections) and being about 529-539 for a few minutes in total. After a few repeats we made it a complete QSO before he vanished into the noise again. Just my 2nd South Africa contact on the Magic Band and KG47 a new square. 🙂

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