NT3S & W2/DH8BQA next weekend

Everything’s packed and if nothing strange happens anymore I will be off to Boston, MA, for a week of QRL tomorrow morning. Next weekend Carol, N2MM, is going to host me in NJ during WPX-SSB – many thanks in advance! Will have the chance to use the club call NT3S during the contest. Not decided yet concerning strategy and category. Thinking about doing a 10 m SB effort although I would loose half a day as I have to head back to the airport Sunday afternoon. Could also hand out a few points as W2/DH8BQA on the other bands then. On the other hand an SOAB entry would certainly be a better fit for the available time. Will see how fit I am after a heavy week of QRL and a possible jet lag. 😉 Anyway, hope to hear you during the contest, much success to everybody participating!

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