Quite a slow start

Not many reflections yet. A few long and strong ones as I produced at RQ3P (see screenshot) but still much less than we’re used to from earlier years. Usually spending most of my time on MS beaming East. Activity by the friends in Russia has been rising constantly during the last few years so chances are much higher to work new stations or even new squares from that direction. And it’s possible to work higher distances i.e. better DX to the East, too. It’s difficult to the West as there’s only water (Atlantic Ocean) “behind” G/EI as seen from here in JO73 wich limits distances to about 1.500 km max. (if there’s no maritime mobile activities, hi). Same to the South, not much to work in the Mediterranean. So only 3 QSOs on MS today:

08:02  RT3G          KO92UP   +06   +13    2 m.  MSK144  MS   1701
08:19  RQ3P          KO84UF   +17   +00    2 m.  MSK144  MS   1543
09:51  SM/DG5CST     JP73JB   +15   +06    2 m.  MSK144  MS   1098
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