Small tropo opening into the U.K. tonight

Tonight was the usual first Tuesday every month 2 m NAC (Nordic Activity Contest) which is accompanied by the UKAC (UK Activity Contest) as well as the IAC (Italian Activity Contest) as well as the SPAC (SP = Polish Activity Contest). That means the band usually sees quite a high activity level during these 4 hours events. While I was QRV in the NACs (which also have an Open Class for non-Scandinavian participants) regularly in my younger years I now try to hand out a few points at least whenever possible (which is unfortunately not that often nowadays). Did so this evening again but started falling asleep right in the middle. 😉

Whenever waking up and quickly tuning the band I recognized there was some tropo condx between western Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Also a few Germans like Tor, DJ8MS, located about 200 km west of here, could works lots of Gs but unfortunately nothing overhere. It was just after the end of the NAC that conditions picked up that much that some ducting started to reach over here, too! Luckily the UKAC only ends 30 minutes after the NAC thus there was still some activity on the band and I could grab a few nice DX contacts! 😎

21:05  G3CKR/P       IO93AD   55    59     2 m.   SSB   TR    1075
21:11  G8DMU/P       IO94CB   55    52     2 m.   SSB   TR    1057
21:16  G4CLA         IO92JL   52    59     2 m.   SSB   TR    1036
21:19  MØGAV/P       IO93EH   59    59     2 m.   SSB   TR    1051
21:26  MØMDY         IO93HH   59    59     2 m.   SSB   TR    1034
21:29  MØHOM         IO93QO   52    57     2 m.   SSB   TR     983

The loudest of the crowd was MØGAV/P with a real s9 signal over the 1.000 km path:

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