SØ – Western Sahara #136 on 6 m

Well, not much worked during the week. Bands were rather flat. 6 m just only opened quite nicely this evening but I spent most of my time on 4 m again as there was a big ES opening in Western Europe, too. Sorrily I was at the north-eastern most edge so not many signals heard, lots of awful fading and only a handful stations worked but 2 new countries (EA & CT) as well as 4 new squares were certainly worth it. 😉 Sure an interesting band …

S01WSBefore closing down the station tonight I switched down to 6 m again and was astonished to hear SØ1WS working a massive pileup. I missed to work him last summer when the other locals caught him so tried my luck in the pileup today. Unfortunately not much luck with him being only 55 max. He vanished into the noise a few times but suddenly rose to a 59 signal for a few seconds only. That was my chance … and well, I used it and grabbed him for another new one on 6 m. Seems a much better start into the season than last year already … 😎 Also unpacked and installed my Elecraft KX3 today. It’s been a while since I had last used it. Already thinking about using it during WPX-CW this weekend. Haven’t done much QRP ops lately. 😉

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