Trophy with a difference :-)

100_1133I had an information in my post box yesterday that a parcel was waiting for me at the local post office. I was very curious what it was as I could not remember having ordered something. 😉 So I went there after QRL today to pick it up. Surprise was big and pleasant when opening the parcel: It’s been a nice set of fine French wine, olives, chocolate, etc. I quickly remembered that we had won the MMMonVHF voting for the “Best VHF MS-expedition of 2013” for our maritime mobile tour across the Baltic Sea activating some of the rare wet squares on 6 m (LY2AAM/mm) as well as 2 m (DH8BQA/mm) using Tropo and Meteor Scatter propagation modes. Frank, DL8YHR, was the voting’s trophy sponsor and kind enough to send this surprise parcel with a trophy with a difference. 🙂 Many thanks! We will enjoy it for sure. 😉

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