V31FO/V37DX – QSL Requests

Back home, what a pity. 🙁 😉 I’ve just uploaded the 6.000 QSOs made in total to Clublog and configured OQRS. Feel free to click on the calls V31FO and/or V37DX to search the respective online logs and request your card(s). Bureau cards are free as always (I’m a strong supporter of the bureau system) but I will be happy to send you a direct card, too, if you wish. Please allow a few weeks to design the QSLs and let them be printed …

I’ve requested LoTW certificates for both calls, too, but ARRL did not send them yet. Will upload there as soon as certificates were received. [EDIT 21.02.2019]: ARRL has just sent the certificates and all QSOs have been uploaded to LoTW, too. Let me know if you miss a QSO and I will be glad to check the log.

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