ZP – Paraguay #135 on 6 m

Another day without any ES overhere. Was not very sad this time as I could spent all afternoon in bed trying to recover from a flu I caught on Friday and not fearing to miss anything on the bands. 😉

Surprisingly there was another small ES + TEP opening late evening (after 20z). Very spotty, never more than one signal at a time. Obviously spotty from the other end, too, as both PY’s heard were CQing along without (m)any takers as long as I could hear them which was not more than 2-3 minutes each.

PP1CZ (with a well known DXer calling him blind, i.e. out of turn :():


Saw ZP6CW spotted on the cluster so parked the RX on his frequency. Some 20 minutes later he indeed came out of the noise and up to 559 for some 40 or 50 seconds only – enough to nail him for a new DXCC. 😎 He was gone so fast again I didn’t even manage to record him … As he reliably confirms through LotW I might be able to apply for my 50 MHz DXCC soon, currently 98 DXCCs confirmed via LotW. Have a few more QSL cards laying around so already > 100 confirmed but they are all in some unsorted staples of QSLs (lots!) and I’m not going to sort through them anytime soon. 😉

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