Another 4 m ES, great 6 m NA opening & working Paul ;-)

The lower VHF bands were hot again today! 😎 Uwe, DL3BQA, was very busy working a great North America opening on 6 m with lots of new squares for him. Although it was again much better elsewhere no need to complain, this time JO73 got a good share of propagation, too. 😉 I concentrated on packing stuff for our move to Hamburg which is more important currently but kept an eye on 4 m. The band opened rather late! EA1VM provided a new square with IN72 and Alex, EA8DBM, was in via double-hop, too. Heard another EA8 briefly on SSB but couldn’t make a QSO.

19:26 EA1VM          IN72RC   +04   +00    4 m.   FT8   ES    1858
19:34 EA1BNF         IN52OF   +00   +00    4 m.   FT8   ES    2093
19:35 EA1HRR         IN83JJ   -02   +07    4 m.   FT8   ES    1679
19:41 EA8DBM         IL18OH   +05   -08    4 m.   FT8   ES    3747
19:42 EA1CRK         IN73DM   -03   -09    4 m.   FT8   ES    1812
20:07 CT1EEB         IN5ØQR    52    55    4 m.   SSB   ES    2201

Also couldn’t resist to work my good friend Paul as TK/DL5CW. After we met in Friedrichshafen he moved on with his XYL down to Corsica for a 2 weeks holiday and did a few QSOs inbetween holiday activities, too. Worked him first on 40 m CW where he was around 559. Then saw 10 m wide open and TK4LS being 59 on SSB Paul then QSY’d to 10 m CW where he was a solid s9 signal, too. 😎 Finished off with another contact on 80 m CW before he closed down to prepare everything to go back to Germany. Tnx QSOs, mate! You’re indeed a True Blue DXer. 😉

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