Eighty meters from the rain forest

Well, the “rain forest” speaks for itself, we had quite some rain during the last few days. Luckily it’s mostly during the night and not hindering day time activities too much. 😉

I took the chance to be on 80 m last night (around sunrise in Europe). Even with just a simple dipole the station plays quite well and I’m hearing good so I worked almost exactly 200 QSOs in a bit under 2 hours. This time it was fun, indeed! Especially listened for the weak ones (even if it meant QSOs took a little longer) and was happy to hand out a new one to a number of low power/dipole stations in Europe. 🙂

The only “negative” aspect this time was the XYL not being too happy when I only went to bed at 2 o’clock local time. But hey … 😎

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