Pileups vs. Sightseeing … and the winner is?

Was QRV on 20 & 17 m this morning. As mentioned in my contest report condx are worse now than a few days ago so didn’t work too many QSOs on 17 m. Twenty was more reliable but the pileup discipline of Europeans is really bad. Everybody was calling over and over no matter whom I called, nobody was listening. 🙁 While I can certainly stand it it was not much fun and hey, this is my holiday and I am supposed to have fun, don’t I? So in this case sightseeing won, switched off the station and went to Xunantunich, one of Belize’ most famous Maya ruins. It’s a nice site well-maintained and well worth a visit!

The “El Castillo” pyramid from a distance.

El Castillo is the main temple of Xunantunich.

Carvings on the peak of the El Castillo pyramid (right side).

Carvings on the peak of the El Castillo pyramid (left side).

El Castillo is about 40 m high. It takes some physical condition to climb it. 😉

It seems iguanas like it up there, too, spotted a few of them. 😉

The physical exercise is rewarded by fantastic views far into Belize and Guatemala from the top of El Castillo.

Finally back “home” we enjoyed a romantic sunset on the patio again. The Lodge is a great place to be!


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