OH5Z’s reaction – bravo!

In my recent WPX-CW blog post I had commented on the bad signal of OH5Z. I was pleased to find an email by Timo, OG9X, one of the operators at OH5Z, in my inbox this morning. He allowed me to publish it here, too, which I will gladly do:

Hi Olli
Thanks for the reply. Yes, you can publish my comment.
We take this kind of notes very seriously because we
want to keep our act clean.
I noticed from your blog that we had a very wide signal on 10 on
Saturday morning. I feel very sorry for that. Usually we have a
clean and narrow signal on both cw and ssb.
This time we had a borrowed radio on one of the stations and now
I see that it had some issues on tx. We will check it and repair
what is needed.
Thank you for publishing this information and I apologize the
contesting community on behalf the whole team.
Timo, OG9X

To me this is the behaviour I would expect and that also triggers “hamspirit” in my mind. Most people either not react at all when you tell them about their bad signals or they just push it back to be an RX problem on the other one’s side. But somebody taking it seriously is rare and therefor appreciated the more. Bravo Timo! Hope you get it fixed soon.

If anybody ever sees/hears that my signal is not okay please drop me a note! I always appreciate it. Only with such feedback you can improve things …

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