CQ WW160 SSB ’22

It’s been a while since my last CQ WW 160 m contest. Played around a bit yesterday. Mainly to catch points for the BCC. After another 25 QSOs tonight I had enough and switched off …

       Start Date : 2022-02-25

    CallSign Used : DH8BQA

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
             Band : 160M
            Power : HIGH
             Mode : SSB
 Default Exchange : 14
       Gridsquare : JO73CE

        Club/Team : Bavarian Contest Club
         Software : RUMlogNG 5.6.8

        Band     QSOs     Pts  StP  DXC  Pt/Q
         1,8     282    1063    0   35   3,8
       Total     282    1063    0   35   3,8

            Score : 37.205

              Rig : FLEX-6600, KPA500 + KAT500
         Antennas : 160 m lazy loop

Worked remotely this time doing it entirely on the Mac, i.e. using SmartSDR for Mac for radio control as well as RUMLogNG for logging.

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Participated in another ARRL DX CW contest. This time on 15 m and just doing it remotely. Some Aurora deteriorated condx over the weekend, thus Sunday even worse than Saturday. But good to see 15 m open at all, moving forward in sunspot cycle. 😉

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW - 2022

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SOUSB15 HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 14
Remote Operation

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   15:  488    50
Total:  480    50  Total Score = 72,000

Club: Bavarian Contest Club

FLEX-6600, Elecraft KPA500, 6 ele OWA Yagi @40ft
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Uwe, DL3BQA, was going fo a serious SOSB15 entry onsite thus I only played around a bit remotely on the other bands. Regularly checked 10 m and caught a small NA opening Sunday afternoon. 😎 Due to early QRL this morning I stopped the contest early yesterday, too, although I could see the 1.000 QSOs mark on the horizon already. 😉 Did only start late Saturday morning, had enough sleep all nights … so a very relaxing fun radio weekend. 😉

    CQWPXRTTY Summary Sheet 

    CallSign Used : DH8BQA 

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP 
Assisted Category : ASSISTED 
             Band : ALL 
            Power : HIGH 
             Mode : RTTY 

 Band  QSOs   Pts  WPX Pt/Q 
 3,5   290   1050  145  3,6 
   7   275   1072  192  3,9 
  14   305    754  191  2,5 
  21     5     13    0  2,6 
  28    81    218   61  2,7 
 Total 956   3107  589  3,3 

    Score : 1.830.023 

      Rig : FLEX-6600 + Elecraft KPA-500
 Antennas : 80m GP, 40m Dipole, 20m 4L, 15m 6L, 10m 6L
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ARRL 10m Contest ’21

Not much DX. A bit of Sporadic-E on Saturday, else an all Meteor Scatter weekend (although most people probably don’t even know their signals were bounced off meteor trails, hi). Hoping for better condx next year!

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest - 2021

Call: DH8BQA
Operator(s): DH8BQA
Station: DH8BQA

Class: SO CW Unlimited HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:  354    63
  SSB:  (2)      
Total:  354    63  Total Score = 89,208

FLEX-6600, PA & 6 ele OWA Yagi @ 60 ft.
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Another WWDX-CW is in the books. Checked the 10 m condx on Thursday morning: a few reasonably loud VKs, but nothing from Asia. Hmm. Next check Friday afternoon: a few South Americans, no USA. 15 m also looked pretty meager, a few very weak stations from W9, but the typical East Coast not much louder either. Difficult decision … Lowbands no, not enough sleep. 20 m no way, far too small station. If 15 m doesn’t really work then I can stay on 10 m as well. It’s always exciting in terms of propagation even or especially in such conditions and I’m a 10 m addict anyway as you know. So decision made, another 10 m SOSB entry. 😉

Saturday morning 6z at the station, band still closed. Around 6:30z the first scatter signals from the Balkans, somehow that always works. After 7:30z the band opens for the first time for DX, a few UA9/0 and VKs come into the log, signals all pretty thin. In between also Thailand and various Europeans via scatter. 3B8M is a good signal, shortly after 9z 3B8BAP comes back to my CQ. Keep picking mults if they rise above the noise.

Around half past nine Zulu there is Sporadic-E to Spain and France, the opening is quite long and also allows QSOs to South America from time to time via F2 extension. Without openings like this within Europe things quickly get boring, there’s just not enough DX. At 11z, the antenna is still pointing towards South America, VR2XAN is suddenly 599+20! Antenna turned to Asia, only s6. Back to South America, again s9+++. Awesome long path signal! Excitingly, however, only he, no other stations. But well, up on the mountains in Hongkong with a long yagi it’s a lot different than at sea level with small equipment. Very interesting in terms of propagation anyway.

CQing myself  is of little use, but at least some callers create a smile on my face, such as calls from FY5KE, TZ1CE, or VP8NO. ZD7BG is reasonably loud, but the pileups are just insane. Watching the spectrum & waterfall on the Flex helps identifying new signals immediately and being able to jump to them quickly. At 14:20z I can work N4XD who has a nice s5 signal. K1LZ comes back to my CQ but is extremely weak, rather unusual. I can work W3LPL, N4WW & ZF5T (all just above the noise), then the band closes at 16z, nothing to listen to except noise.

N4XD (right hand side in the spectrum) the only signal on the band Saturday afternoon.

I allow myself an hour extra sleep Sunday morning and start again at 7z. Good decision, band is still closed. At 7:15z the first signal appears in the spectrum and is also quite loud: JE6RPM. Wow! Quickly caught the double mult, a few minutes later the signal disappeared again. He should remain the only one from Japan … UA9/0 is doing a little better today, a few Chinese find their way into the log. JT1CO delivers zone 23, good boy. VK4BAP replies to my CQ, very weak. His qrz.com page suggests he is running QRP. If that’s the case his signal was ufb! 😉 Again a little ES to the southwest (also on 6 m), so a few more stations make it into the log. After 10:30z a long path opening towards Asia again, this time in addition to VR2XAN also various Chinese. At 11z a loud DL signal with extreme echo: DL5NEN. Sorry Tom it took a moment. The signal probably found its way once around the world. As interesting as this is in terms of propagation I already “fear” the better condx in the next few years when circulating echoes will make decoding really difficult in some cases. But that’s definitely complaining at a (very) high level. 😀

Today there is also a whole bag of EA8s in the log and two EA9s call me, I didn’t hear any with CQ. 9J2BO calls me too, very nice. After 12z there’s also a few Caribbeans, these mults generate crazy pileups again, most times I stop calling and just try again 10-15 minutes later. A risky strategy, sometimes the condx are gone again and the mult slipping through the cracks. 🙁 But at least the standard mults like PJ2, PJ4, P4, KP2, KP4 finally get into the log. PZ5CO is extremely weak but has good ears. After the contest I read that he probably also did QRP. With this Caribbean opening F2 backscatter is reasonably good for the first time this contest so a number of EU mults make it into the log, too. I’ve been chasing LA and OHØ all weekend, now the signals finally came up. V48A calls me, I’m grateful for that, his later pileup is just crazy.

Around 13:15z VY2TT pops up with a 319-419 signal and has a nasty pileup, too. I’m not sure if the QSO was okay, if in doubt the log checkers will delete it. At 14:30z I finally work a ZS. You’d think South Africa is easy, the simple southern path, but no, not so this time. But the double mult is in the bag. EA8AQV follows at 14:40z, then the band closes towards the south/southwest. I leave the CQ loop running, suddenly a loud K7GM calls from North Carolina. I did not expect that. So turned the antenna towards North America and continue CQing on the dead band. Every now and then a weak signal appears in the spectrum. Click, listen, call if necessary. This is how NR4M gets into the log. On CQ there are still a handful of stations from NC, VA, MD, WV with weak signals, sometimes I have to ask 5-6 times until I have identified the calls properly, in addition to the faint signals also pretty awful QSB. I’m grateful that people are taking the time. K3LR suddenly appears on the spectrum, louder than the others but still weak. I’m one of only 3 DLs they’ve worked (tnx info to Sandy, DL1QQ). All very patchy. When VE3NNT and CF3A call with s7 signals there is a bit of hope that maybe a little more would be possible now but … nope. Only 3 more Americans from AL, GA & NC, then the band closes just before 16z, not a beep in the spectrum.

Not much better Sunday afternoon …

I monitor the band for another hour, but nothing happens anymore. So I do another half an hour on 80 m handing out points, just for fun. Then switched the station back to remote operation (two cable connections) and did a few other things around the shack. At 18:30z a thick red stripe appears in the 10m spectrum: IR9K via ES with s9+10. Of course he’s already in the log. Then a few LUs & PYs pop up, but all relatively weak and worked before, no new ones. After 20 minutes the spook is over, I switch off and drive back into town …

Now what do we learn from this? Something is always possible, but you have to be there. And there’s no chance for high QSO numbers with such condx, the potential of stations in high population areas and an open path to them is just limited. And in the north everything is more difficult anyway. Still, I always have fun! 😎 See you in the ARRL-10m next weekend …

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW - 2021

Call: DH8BQA
Operator(s): DH8BQA
Station: DH8BQA

Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 22

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80: (50)
   10:  371    29       89
Total:  371    29       89  Total Score = 72,570

Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Flex-6600, PA + 6 ele OWA Yagi @ 60 ft.

Hard work! Band very patchy, you had to be there all the time to
catch the "micro openings". A bit of Sporadic-E every now and then
enabled a few more QSOs at least. Relying solely on F2 propagation
would have been much more boring.  Anyway, nice propagation study
again and despite the low QSO numbers still lots of fun.
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Marconi Memorial VHF Contest ’21

I really like the MMC. Being CW-only on VHF it provides plenty of opportunities to work DX while using your own brain to decode the signals. And it’s always good for a surprise. Being in autumn it’s “usually” some tropo (as last year) but not so this time. Tropo condx were OK with about 35% of all QSOs being over 500 km distance, the TOP10 all over 800 km. But this year’s surprise was: Aurora! While working a few tropo skeds to the north I was called by Jan, SM4HFI, with that cool distorted Aurora CW sound. 😎 It was not very intense and nobody else was worked. Jan later reported that he monitored the band with his SDR spectrum display and I suddenly popped up via Aurora as the only signal in JP70 after I had turned my antenna north for the skeds. It went on for a while but nobody else could be reached, pity.

18:31  SM4HFI        JP7ØTO   52A   55A   2 m.   CW     AUR    829

I logged the contest with RUMlogNG on the Macbook again to try out how good it works with CAT control to the IC-9700, CW keying via USB,  a.s.o. While that worked out quite well and I do like how RUMlogNG works I’m really missing some reporting for the contest results. At least you can draw some nice maps (see below) but some structured results export with QSOs worked, squares, countries, total result, maybe even Top10 distances, etc. would be really nice. I could of course import the log into N1MM+ or even the old DOS-based TACLog to generate something but it usually means some data fiddling to get it all right, no time for that this time. So a simple listing will have to do:

336 QSOs, 72 Grids, 16 DXCCs, 130.441 total points
ODX 923 km with F6DWG/P in JN19bq

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Nice condx! Great to have some F2 propagation on 10 m again. Saturday was good to JA, worked almost exactly 100 of them. On the other hand North America was only open for about 45 minutes in the afternoon with 50 QSOs. Sunday the other way round: only 10 JAs but 200 x W/VE in the afternoon!

Band full up to 28.800 … it’s been a while since it last was like that! 😉

However, it was much worse and shorter here in the northeast than in the south and west of DL. Been listening to Ulli, DD2ML, for a while when he started running US pileups. Nothing at all up here! About an hour later it opened for us too, but also closed much earlier than west/south. Even 100 km made quite a difference. The old saying “location, location, location” is true, but I would not move for that reason only. 😉

Thanks to Ulli, DD2ML, for the exciting race in the online scoreboard. Until Sunday noon I was able to keep him at a distance with a lead of up to 120 QSOs but with the start of the NA opening he passed by quickly. I fought hard but could never catch up again. My best hour was only 126 QSOs. I couldn’t hear 15 of the multipliers spotted. Summing it up there were over 130 countries workable on 10m, not bad.

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that condx will be similar in WWDX-CW where telegraphy gives an additional advantage. 😉

                 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB - 2021

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 24,5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   10: 1073    34      118
Total: 1073    34      118     Total Score = 377,568

Club: Bavarian Contest Club

FLEX-6600, PA + 6 ele G0KSC OWA Yagi @60ft
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Small tropo opening & 70 cm QSOs

Driving from Hamburg to Schwedt along the German Autobahn  A20 last night I listened to Swedish FM radio all the way from about Rostock to Stralsund! There seemed to be a nice tropo lift across the Baltic Sea. I kept fingers crossed it would hold and indeed, arriving at the station this afternoon there still was a lift although not too stable and not extending land inwards on the other side. Worked the following QSOs:

16:35  OH1ND         KPØØXL   -16   -15   2 m.   FT8    TR     936
17:08  OH1ND         KPØØXL   -07   -07   70 cm. FT8    TR     936
17:13  OHØAZX        KPØØIF   -05   +01   2 m.   FT8    TR     877

Nice to work a 70 cm DX contact (besides Charly, DF5VAE, as a local), too, after we had put up a small 70 cm Yagi recently (the whole 70/23 cm setup is still very QRP but if there’s a lift it works). 😎

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WAG ’21

Back from Bonaire right at the start of the contest (school’s starting again on Monday, else I would have like to do the WAG as DX, too, hi). But first a few other duties on the list so only Sunday morning a few QSOs with the small remote setup. Added a few more contacts Sunday afternoon after the high bands were in good shape and 10 m surprisingly opened to North America!

                   WAG Summary Sheet

        Band   Mode  QSOs    Pts   DXC  Pt/Q
          14   CW     40     132   19   3,3
          21   CW     30     100   13   3,3
          28   CW     70     232   25   3,3
       Total  Both   140     464   57   3,3

              Score : 26.448
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PJ4/DH8BQA: Holidays & Makrothen Contest ’21

My second time on Bonaire! This time as a family holiday with a bit of radio, too. Been there for the first two weeks of October after we had to postpone the trip three times due to all the Corona circumstances (and travelling still had it’s challenges this time, too). But we enjoyed ourselves very much, such a bigger holiday was really overdue. 😉

Made shy of 2.900 QSOs holiday style during the two weeks. In between was the Makrothen RTTY Contest which I had participated in a few times in the past. So a good opportunity to try it out as DX! 😎 And it was a nice one, lots of fun! Really like the distance based scoring and exchange of gridsquares (maybe as I’m primarily a VHF guy at home, hi).

Part time effort only as sharing the antennas with neighbour Steve, PJ4DX, who was also working in the SAC-SSB this weekend. So could have been an even better result. 😉

80 m was very noisy so not many contacts there, 40 m had to provide the low band QSOs. High bands condx were quite nice! 10 m was wide open to the US on Saturday with very loud signals, just nobody on! What a pity (and waste of time). 15 m rocked especially on Sunday. 20 m less good than 15 m (seems typical for the Caribbean).

Many thanks to Steve (PJ4DX) and Eva (PJ4EVA) for letting me use the antennas during our holiday stay again, and all the nice talks and time spent together, much appreciated! 🙂

                   Makrothen RTTY Contest

Call: PJ4/DH8BQA

Class: SO/Single Xcvr LP
QTH: FK52ud
Operating Time (hrs): 19
Location: South America 

 Band  QSOs
   80:	18
   40:	172
   20:	198
   15:	224
   10:	19
Total:	631	Total Score	4,017,993

Elecraft K3, 100 W, Spiderbeam, Inv-V, GP

As it turned out the result was good enough for the world win! 😎

They used to have plaques for the winners but put down with it due to Corona as posting them seems currently not possible. What a pity. 🙁 Anyway, a few more impressions:

Paul, DL5CW, sent me a copy of a recording he had made when I was running CW on 12 m (we had some good high band openings). Not too bad for just a hundred watts but the Spiderbeam certainly made up for the low power. 😉

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September VHF Contest ’21

Been active as DFØUM Multi-OP (DG1BHA, DH8BQA, DL3BQA) from the clubstation in JO73ce again. Made a bit over 300 QSOs with 100k points. No detailed report this time, just too little time. 🙁 Uwe has a short German write up here.

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(No) Perseids this year …

Only made two QSOs on August 9, 2021. Worked R2OA/KO91 and special event station ES9ØFA/KO49, both on MSK144 mode. Just not enough time to play with the meteors this year …

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More (and bigger) Tropo!

Wow! Almost 100 QSOs in one-and-a-half-days on 2m outside of contests must mean there was something special. And indeed it was, we had some nice tropo across the North Sea again, this time on a more northerly path so the typical mid-summer “water tropo” (as long as meteorological conditions fit) could play out it’s full potential. 🙂

It all started yesterday in the evening. After last weeks small tropo lift I kept checking the F5LEN forecast more regularly and predictions looked promising. So called CQ every now and then and finally GM4SJB/IO88 heard me and we could easily work. Later on old friend Jim, GM4FVM/IO85, made it into the log, too. 😎

21:12  GM4SJB        IO88BA   -11   -06    2 m.  FT8    TR    1251
21:19  G4BAO         JOØ2CG   -10   -19    2 m.  FT8    TR     946
21:36  GM4FVM        IO85WU   -15   -06    2 m.  FT8    TR    1092
22:02  G4GFI         IO91VH   -16   -08    2 m.  FT8    TR    1001

Today was even better. Besides Scotland the lift shifted a bit southwards, too, allowing a lot of contacts into England as well as western and northern France (surprise, surprise). But the icing on the cake certainly was working Northern Ireland as the ODX.

07:21  F5DRD         JO1ØGA   -06   -05    2 m.  FT8    TR     878
07:46  F1NQP         JN19GL   -16   -06    2 m.  FT8    TR     908
07:56  F6EAS         IN98LV   -18   -11    2 m.  FT8    TR    1165
07:59  F1NDO         JN19FM   -20   -10    2 m.  FT8    TR     910
12:50  GMØHQG        IO88JW   -02   -01    2 m.  FT8    TR    1250
15:01  GØSYP         IO83TK   -13   -12    2 m.  FT8    TR    1099
15:16  G4DHF         IO92UU   -07   -16    2 m.  FT8    TR     969
15:19  MØCVX         IO93XB   -13   -19    2 m.  FT8    TR     949
16:21  GM6VXB        IO97AQ   -16   -04    2 m.  FT8    TR    1132
16:28  G4KUX         IO94BP   +06   +04    2 m.  FT8    TR    1063
16:33  G4PLZ         JOØ2PT   -09   +01    2 m.  FT8    TR     864
17:00  MØCVX         IO93XB   -16   -07    2 m.  FT8    TR     949
18:28  G4EZT         IO92CE   -12   +08    2 m.  FT8    TR    1082
18:46  G4AEP         IO91MB   -18   -11    2 m.  FT8    TR    1059
18:50  F4EMG         JOØØWU   -23   -10    2 m.  FT8    TR     881
18:53  F4FWT         JOØØXU   -10   -01    2 m.  FT8    TR     876
19:00  G3YDY         JOØ1FQ   -16   -20    2 m.  FT8    TR     945
19:04  GØJCC         IO82MA   -10   -04    2 m.  FT8    TR    1163
19:05  G3NSM         IO91IS   -04   -08    2 m.  FT8    TR    1059
19:14  G8JLY         IO82WG   -12   -08    2 m.  FT8    TR    1102
19:14  GØBNR         IO92WL   -17   -09    2 m.  FT8    TR     964
19:18  F5APQ         JOØØVW   -11   -05    2 m.  FT8    TR     883
19:19  G4TRA         IO81WN   -18   -16    2 m.  FT8    TR    1120
19:32  GM4SJB        IO88BA   -12   -04    2 m.  FT8    TR    1251
19:49  G4YHF         IO92XW   -19   -02    2 m.  FT8    TR     951
19:52  GW7SMV        IO81LN   -21   -12    2 m.  FT8    TR    1181
19:54  GØXDI         IO91RQ   -16   -19    2 m.  FT8    TR    1011
19:57  MØIOY         IO93QO   -20   -22    2 m.  FT8    TR     983
20:12  G3YKI         IO82QL   -17   -19    2 m.  FT8    TR    1131
20:39  G8TTI         IO81WM   -13   -10    2 m.  FT8    TR    1122
20:41  MØPNN         IO82TS   -17   -13    2 m.  FT8    TR    1108
20:45  G8REM         IO93TP   -18   -14    2 m.  FT8    TR     966
20:48  G3PWJ         IO82WK   -13   +09    2 m.  FT8    TR    1098
21:01  MØBUL         IO82NG   -22   -10    2 m.  FT8    TR    1152
21:04  GI4SNA        IO64XM   -07   -04    2 m.  FT8    TR    1331
21:19  GØJJG         JOØ2ME   -22   -13    2 m.  FT8    TR     893
21:28  MØKKM         JOØ2EO   -16   -10    2 m.  FT8    TR     928
21:33  GØCUZ         IO82WM   -16   -19    2 m.  FT8    TR    1096
21:51  M7REV         IO82SP   -15   -11    2 m.  FT8    TR    1116
21:53  MØNPT         IO92KX   -12   -04    2 m.  FT8    TR    1022
21:58  GI6ATZ        IO74AJ   -15   -08    2 m.  FT8    TR    1326
22:07  G8GXP         IO93FQ   -09   -16    2 m.  FT8    TR    1042
22:15  MØSLY         IO93VS   -12   -10    2 m.  FT8    TR     954
22:20  GX3WSC        IO91VC   -13   -18    2 m.  FT8    TR    1008
22:25  G8GXP         IO93FQ   -02   -08    2 m.  FT8    TR    1042
22:45  GM1BAN        IO88GO   -14   -07    2 m.  FT8    TR    1250

In total 96 QSOs were made on 2 m, 50 of them being over 800 km! The following map shows all QSOs worked during the two day tropo opening (including the odd ones):

Tropo QSOs made July 22-23, 2021

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Some tropo for a change ;-)

After all these great Sporadic-E openings we had a small Tropo lift to the UK this morning. Predictions showed some enhancements across the North Sea that probably helped although most of the path from JO73 to the UK is over land. Besides a number of Dutch and Belgian stations these UK fellows were worked:

07:20  G4NBS         JOØ2AF   -03   -04    2 m.  FT8    TR     958
07:24  GØXDI         IO91RQ   -05   -11    2 m.  FT8    TR    1011
07:52  G4PLZ         JOØ2PT   -06   -05    2 m.  FT8    TR     864
08:16  GØPQO         IO92UA   -15   -16    2 m.  FT8    TR     986
09:48  G4SWX         JOØ2RF   +13   +14    2 m.  FT8    TR     864
11:48  M1BTR         JOØ3BI   -17   -07    2 m.  FT8    TR     935
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Another massive 2 m opening (just too close)

Another massive 2 m ES opening this afternoon! But as you can see from the MUF map I’ve been too close to it. Nevertheless managed a few QSOs during a short 15 minutes opening when the MUF was high enough, i.e. well above 170 MHz, to allow contacts on shorter distances around 1.300 km. Even made one QSO just above 1.000 km which is really rare! 😎

16:19  F5JJA         JNØ8GM   -13   +16    2 m.  FT8    ES    1088
16:22  GU6EFB        IN89RK   -01   +10    2 m.  FT8    ES    1233
16:24  F6DBI         IN88IJ   +17   +05    2 m.  FT8    ES    1336
16:27  F4EUG         IN88GH   -06   +00    2 m.  FT8    ES    1351
16:34  F6EGD         IN88IT   -19   -04    2 m.  FT8    ES    1313

Enjoyed a really great half-hour SSB pile-up of UK callers on 4 m afterwards. I do love these openings! 😎

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ES on 144 MHz & DXCC #50 on 70 MHz

Early morning opening on 2 m to the west! 😎 More UK on 4 m afterwards. Worked 4X1TI/KM71 at 8:25z who provided DXCC #50 on 70 MHz. 😎 W4IMD/EM84 on 6 m at noon. More 4 m to EA/EA6 in the afternoon. MUF moving up to 2 m for a half-hour opening, taking a break for half an hour, then opening again for another half an hour, this time to south-west France and north-east Spain:

07:17  EI3KD         IO51VW   +23   +01    2 m.  FT8    ES    1515
07:32  GW1JFV        IO71LT   +02   +32    2 m.  FT8    ES    1308
14:45  EA6SA         JM19LO   -14   +01    2 m.  FT8    ES    1734
14:59  EA6XQ         JM19LH   -10   -16    2 m.  FT8    ES    1763
15:11  EA3BT         JNØ1UF   +21   -07    2 m.  FT8    ES    1625
15:46  F6EXG         JN33OR   +01   +03    2 m.  FT8    ES    1170
15:51  F1NSR         JN33JK   +07   +04    2 m.  FT8    ES    1213
16:02  F6ISI         JN13EM   -15   -09    2 m.  FT8    ES    1381
16:05  EA3BR         JNØ1NI   -09   -03    2 m.  FT8    ES    1639
16:12  EA3NJ         JNØ1UF   -02   +02    2 m.  FT8    ES    1625

EA6AOB provided the very rare square JN10 on 4 m. TF1EIN and TF3LB, both from HP94, were nice catches, too. With 2.340 and 2.370 km respectively it’s quite the maximum a single ES hop will allow so everything has to fit perfectly to make it work with QRP setup. 😎

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Japan, Caribbean & Svalbard on 6 m

Good JA opening this morning. But despite 400 W and an 8 ele LY my ERP still seems too low, really had trouble getting through. So just 5 QSOs made with PM51/53/74/86 squares. A small opening to the Caribbean late afternoon with the usual suspects from Puerto Rico and Florida. JW4PUA/JQ78 was a nice catch, too. While I had already worked JW7QIA/JQ68 in 2019 for a new country glad to catch the second square on the island as well now. It’s a difficult path at around 2.800 km …

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Small US opening on 50 MHz

Same as yesterday, not positioned well enough to gain a lot from the multi-hop openings. Just caught UN7LZ & UN9L from MO13 in the morning. W8TN, KA8SYV & WB8CQV all from EM98, W4WT/EM74, WA4CQG/EM72, K4PI/EM73 and KA9UVY/EM58 in the afternoon.

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More patchy 6 m openings

Propagation not too good today. Well, probably it was, but just not here. Really had difficulties getting into it. So just a handful of QSOs including JA8KSF/QN03 early morning and VP2V/K3TRM in FK78 (another new one), 7Z1SJ/LL25 and A92EE/LL56 in the afternoon.

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XE – Mexico on 6 m

Besides handing out a few more points in the 2 m contest this morning I was monitoring Six & Four all day long. While there was nothing on 4 m except a single EA1/IN52 there were some patchy openings on 6 m. I was never well situated to make it into the propagation path’ but could grab a few QSOs every now and then. Spent a lot of time to finally make contact with XE2X/EL06 who provided a new country. 😎

7Z1IS/LL34, KB4MRX/EL96, K5RK/EL29, UN3G/MN83, N2NL/EM50 were additional good DX during the afternoon.  J35X/FK92 and 9Y4D/FK90 were nice surprises late evening.

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